This is the official Fine Art Blog of Jennifer Wilfong  
I create original paintings, in almost every medium and size, and have developed three distinct series that I've been working on throughout my career.

Inner Space / Outer Space  Series
My works in oil are extended explorations of color, shape, texture and emotions.  They are created stream-of-consciously, and are visual diaries of my inner thoughts.  Although they are deeply personal, they tend to evoke lots of emotions in others as well.  I rarely have an intended result in mind when I get started on a piece, some take a few unbridled moments, others can take years to finish. 

Universal Appeal
My ink washes on paper are figure studies that are larger than life, literally. The universal appeal of the human body is my main inspiration for this group of paintings. Throughout history artists have attempted to capture the human body in one form or another. I think it's our innate tendency to gravitate towards the simple, proportioned, and unadorned beauty found in nature that perpetually calls artists to try their hand at recreating and interpreting that beauty.

All are hand painted with India ink and China marker on Rives Arches paper. The original drawings are larger than life - three feet wide by six feet tall - and are based on the female body. The first round of these drawings were commissioned by ZOM development for the Hotel Victor and placed in the ocean front luxury suites.  From these originals I selected small vignettes to create a series of limited edition prints that outfitted the rest of the hotel.

Nature in Black and White
This series explores nature in dramatic and unexpected ways.  The paintings range in size, from tiny carved miniatures to large scale canvases, all in black and white. 
I work on numerous pieces simultaneously, so my studio is constantly full of works in progress... 
stay tuned to see what comes out of my studio next!